Planned Outages


Planned Outages are scheduled power outages that are necessary for FEA to carry out critical repair or maintenance work on our power lines in a particular area. Usually customers are notified days in advance of the selected areas that will be affected by a Planned Outage.

You may use the Location search above to see if your area has been scheduled for an outage or view the full list below.

Region Area Start Time End time
Sawani Area up till Colo- I- Suva Waila Water Pump, Waimanu Pumping Station, Koroi Road, Vuniniudrovu Village, Adi Cakobau School, Radio Tower Qaranivalu Road, Bureni Settlement, Waitolu Village, Naqali District School, Health Center. And PWD, P.W.D Site Office Navatuvula, Navatuvula Village, Navatuvula Settlement, Viria Poultry Farm, CGCC Camp, Naqali Village, Vatulili, Korovou, Vanuakula, Nabaki Settlement, Lomai, Nauluvatu, Nabukaluka, Namako Settlement, Waidina Secondary School, Navurevure School, Nadakuni, Wainawaqa, Namosi Road Nasirotu, Nasele, Wainakaile, Dominiko, Ratu Leona, Nasevou Village, Naitavuni Catholic, Delailasakau, Nawaqanabena, Digicel and Vodafone tower, Savu Village, Nabai Settlement, Viria Village, Navitoko Pump Station, Rambisessar Chaudhary Memorial Primary School, Green Gold Saw Mill, Rambisessar Subdivision, Hookers Subdivision. Princes Road, Sawani Sawmill, Waimanu Sawmill, Sawani Area, S. Domoni Subdivision, Nataqiri, Naisogo Subdivision, Vunikawai Station Colo - I – Suva. 30th April 2017 06:00 AM 30th April 2017 06:00 PM
Part of Votualevu Area - Nadi Whole of Carreras Road, Whole of Mateniwai Road, Comville Subdivision, ATS Subdivision 30th April 2017 07:00 AM 30th April 2017 06:00 PM